Hobby Line cement mixers & In-box mixers

Cement mixers of the Omaer hobby line have been designed for small DIY jobs. Compact and silent, they are ideal for private use and for indoor buildings.

Cement mixers and Do-It-Yourself. The Omaer Hobby Line

It should be clear that the concrete mixers designed over time, at least within our factory, are always built following the needs and requirements of customers, bricklayers, construction companies and anyone who uses these machines. The cement mixers of the Omaer Hobby Line are no exception.

But in the meantime, what are the models in our product catalog? Let's see them together (click on the link or on the images for more details).

Husky cement mixer 65 lt - C 140 S

husky cement mixer omaer hobby line C 140 S


Wheelbarrow concrete mixer 65 lt - C 140 CARR

wheelbarrow concrete mixer omaer hobby line C 140 CARR


How a hobby cement mixer works and how to use it

As we said, this type of cement mixer is designed for private use and do-it-yourself jobs. They are small, light and compact mixers that can be easily maneuvered by a single person without the need for complex operations or tools.

Furthermore, they are ideal for use in indoor buildings, as they are not very noisy during the mixing phases of the materials. This is thanks to the gearmotor, the same one we talked about in the in-depth analysis of our Silent Line concrete mixers. Obviously, the gearmotor is designed to adapt to the characteristics of a smaller mixer.

As we see from the pictures, the final discharge of the compound processed by the machines is different in the two cases: for the C 140 S the discharge is "high", while for the C 140 CARR the discharge is "low". In both cases the mixing capacity of the tank is 65 liters.

What is the difference between the Omaer hobby cement mixer and the competitors on the market?

We don't want to bore you, these two types of cement mixers are not very different to those already on the market.

However, there is a characteristics, a detail that certainly can escape to the most, but which makes a significant difference. For our team, robustness and reliability of the machine is fundamental. We want our customers to use our products as much as possible, and we want to give value to our used concrete mixers over time. And that's why we keep in stock all the spare parts of our mixers built from 1968 until today.

This is the main difference: the duration of the machine over time. And we see it in 2 features.

1) More robust tank

tank of the omaer hobby line cement mixer

We have chosen to equip our small and portable cement mixers with a tank with greater thickness than those found on the market. This is due to a processing and use of the sheet metal which guarantees sturdiness and reliability during the mixing phase, as well as homogeneity of the mixture of the material.


2) "T" support in cast iron

The other feature concerns the C 140 S husky cement mixer. This is equipped with a "T" support made with cast iron for the rotation of the tank. This support is fundamental in this type of mixer, it acts as a connection between the frame and the tank, and the material with which it is built, cast iron, is practically indestructible. What is the difference? We often find "lighter" support on the market, due to the fact that they are made with iron pipes, much more subject to deterioration over time, which compromise the correct functionality of the machine.

Omaer Hobby Line cement mixers and In-box mixers

Yes, even this kind of mixers have been designed to be disassembled and sent in a carton box. This guarantees numerous benefits for both the reseller, the final user and the manufacturer. Once they arrive to destination, through simple assembly instructions and the necessary hardware already in the box that we will send from our factory, it will be possible to assemble them easily and quickly. We have also created videos about the assembly phases of our Line of Concrete mixers sent in a carton box, which you can find on our Youtube channel.

To learn more about the argument and the advantages, take a look at our article dedicated to Omaer concrete mixers disassembled in a carton box on our website. Enjoy it!


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