Concrete mixer Silent Line

Concrete mixers of the Omaer Silent Line are machines that maintain the characteristics of reliability and durability that have always distinguished our production, but at the same time guarantee low noise during the work phase.

Why was the Silent Line designed?

The first model of the Omaer Silent Line concrete mixer was designed and produced in 2005. We do not hide, we were not the first to put this model on the market (as happened instead for the In-Box Concrete Mixers for example). They are machines that maintain the same characteristics that distinguish our production, reliability and durability over time, but with changes to the structure of the machine.

What are the differences between a Silent Line concrete mixer and a Traditional Line concrete mixer?

Mainly there are 2 differences between these types of machines: the gearmotor in the Silent Line instead of the motor unit with cabin in the Traditional Line, and the tilting reducer instead of the tilting unit with steering wheel.

But let's go into detail.

Silent Line - Gearmotor

gearmotor omaer silent line concrete mixer

The gearmotor of the Omaer Silent Line is entirely designed by our Technical Department to ensure that it fits our models. In fact, we also mount it in our concrete mixers of the Hobby Line and in our Mixers Line.

This gearmotor is assembled on the concrete mixer arm and is completely free, with a carter over it that protect the motor. This is possible due to the fact that, being an IP 55 model, it is certified to be able to be outdoors, maintaining its functionality unaltered. Furthermore, we use gearmotors with direct transmission. This is a significant advantage, especially in terms of energy savings used by the machine, where up to 10% more efficiency is reached compared to a motor with indirect transmission.


Silent Line - Tilting reducer

The Omaer tilting reducer, as we have seen the gearmotor, is entirely designed by our company. This component is present almost exclusively in our Silent Line and replaces the classic tilting unit with steering wheel that is in traditional concrete mixers. Unlike other overturning reducer on the market, it is "colored" black. Why? This component, once finished, is treated by cataphoresis, a process that leads to this color, and which offers numerous advantages including:

- Anti-oxidant function and protection from external agents;

- Maintenance of functional and mechanical characteristics over time.

The concrete mixer models of the Omaer Silent Line

We have 4 models of concrete mixers that reflect the characteristics mentioned so far. They have been designed and built to cover a wide range of business needs. In fact, there are models ranging from 140 liters to 300 liters of material mixing capacity. In particular:

- Electric concrete mixer 140 lt - C 190 SBL

- Electric concrete mixer 190 lt - C 250 SBL

- Electric concrete mixer 260 lt - C 320 SBL

- Electric concrete mixer 300 lt - C 360 SBL

Last news from our company: C 140 SBL

The last arrival in the Omaer Silent Line is the C 140 SBL concrete mixer. Small, easy to handle, but maintains intact all the characteristics of robustness and reliability that distinguish the products of our brand, this machine was designed to satisfy the requests and needs of our customers. Smaller than the other mixers of the same line, this concrete mixer differs from these ones due to a traditional tipping system with crown and pinion, and a transmission of the motion to the tank via belt and chain. All this leads the C 140 SBL concrete mixer to also be more affordable in price.


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