Omaer products quality

Omaer has made of quality the cornerstone of all its production, with the constant effort to maintain this prerogative over time. The elements that mainly characterize quality of products are:

  • Use of first choice materials with test certificate;
  • Tilting rotation plate wheel, which is the largest on the market among those mounted on concrete mixers, to facilitate the overturning of the tank with an acceptable effort by the operator.
  • Large printed tank and counter bottom for a better mixture in a shorter time
  • Maximum functionality as in the case of diesel and petrol engines, with a cab designed to have an easy access to the engine and, at the same time, the maximum guarantee of the operator safety, with complete protection of moving parts.
  • Speed and simplicity of disassembly for any repairs;
  • Interchangeability of all particulars even at a distance in time;

Moreover, particular attention is given to the quality of the service, guaranteeing after-sales assistance with the availability of spare parts of all the cement mixers built from 1968.