Concrete & Cement Mixers


The revolution: the disassembled concrete mixer packed in a carton box

In 2014 we designed and produced the first model of professional concrete mixer disassembled and sent in a carton box.

A revolution, a concrete mixer that allows you to have numerous advantages compared to sending a traditional concrete mixer already assembled, in particular:

- Reseller:: savings money on logistics and transport costs, having the ability to order up to 40% more concrete mixers for the same container. In addition, you save time and people for unloading concrete mixers at their destination.
- Final operator: handling in greater safety and simplicity, and by a single person. Assembly of the concrete mixer only by means of bolts, NO welding or complex operations.
- Manufacturer: greater ease of handling and storage of goods, greater speed of container loading and guarantee on the perfect condition of the concrete mixer at destination.

Here is our disassembled concrete mixer packed in a carton box:

C 360 R-IBL
Disassembled Concrete Mixer C 360 R-IBL