Concrete mixer Traditional Line & C 320 Tractor

The concrete mixers of the Omaer Traditional Line are part of the first line of machines designed and produced by the company. Reliability and durability over time characterize them, and have formed the basis for the production in the following years.

What distinguish Omaer from the other manufacturers?

We know, concrete mixers are made for about 90% of steel, a raw material that all manufacturers find on the market at similar prices. But in addition to this, the quality (and also the price) of the concrete mixer is made from the design, from the idea of putting on the market a machine that has the characteristics to last over time.

The concrete mixers of the Omaer Traditional Line are designed to last over time and be reliable, in particular:

Oversized tilting group, more robust and which facilitates the overturning of the tank, especially in machines with larger capacity;

oversized tilting group omaer concrete mixer


"Double grip" drawbar, to facilitate the movement of the concrete mixer on site from one place to another;

double grip drawbar omaer concrete mixer


"Shaped" blades, a system that improves and speeds up the mixing of materials, ensuring greater homogeneity in the final mix (mortar, concrete).

shaped blades for omaer traditional line concrete mixer


Crown protection with important thicknesses (2mm.);

crown protection omaer traditional line concrete mixer


Tilting arm with curved tube with important thickness. The real difference to other manufacturers lies in the larger models, such as the 350 liter concrete mixers, to ensure that it can withstand heavy workloads.

tilting arm with important thickness for omaer traditional line concrete mixer

What are our models of Traditional Line concrete mixers?

The Omaer Traditional Line presents a wide range of models for the most varied construction site needs, with concrete mixers with mixing capacity from 100 liters to 350 liters. They can be supplied with either an electric motor or a petrol or diesel engine. We have written an article on the different types of engines and models, which determine the characteristics, functions and price of the concrete mixer, which you can read by clicking here. Returning to us, here are our models:

- Electric concrete mixer 100 lt - C 150

- Electric concrete mixer 140 lt - C 190

- Electric concrete mixer 190 lt - C 250

- Electric concrete mixer 260 lt - C 320

- Electric concrete mixer 300 lt - C 360

- Electric concrete mixer 350 lt - C 500

We remember that we keep in stock spare parts of all the concrete mixers that we have built since 1968, and for all the machines that we produce.

Concrete mixer for agricultural use: C 320 tractor

In addition to the classic concrete mixers equipped with an engine, based on the specific needs of the agricultural market, we have designed a machine that is suitable for particular types of work: the C 320 Tractor concrete mixer. This concrete mixer is ideal for being transported to the fields using an operating machine, in the most common case a tractor. It is designed for attachment to the tractor itself by means of a cardan joint, positioned between the tractor cardan shaft and the PTO shaft of the mixer. In this way, the rotational motion is imparted by the motion of the tractor itself.

Omaer concrete mixer C 320 Tractor

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