mod. C 360 TT Endothermic - Concrete mixers Linea Plus

model C 360 TT Endothermic of Concrete mixers Linea Plus by OMAER

Technical characteristics

Total capacity of tank lt. 350
Capacity of mixing (about) lt. 300
Power diesel engine at 3600 rpm HP 7 - Kw 5,1
Power gasoline engine at 3600 rpm HP 4,8 - Kw 3,6
Approximate weight with diesel engine Kg. 310
Approximate weight with petrol engine Kg. 285
Lenght (about without towing bar) mm. 1005
Height (with reversed tank) (about) mm. 1640
Width (about) mm. 2020
Noise with diesel engine LW dB(A) 102
Noise with gasoline engine LW dB(A) 95
Vibration (with motor diesel / gasoline) a (w) 10,05 m/s²

Data and sizes are not binding and the producer reserves itself to modify the machines without giving notice.

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